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Historial Sites

Tran Hung Dao Temple

The Trần Hưng Đao Temple lies at a strip of land stretching to the middle of the river in Yên Giang Commune. The temple and Vua Bà Shrine were recognized as historical sites by The Ministry of Information and Culture (No. 100 VH/QĐ dated January 21, 1990) (supplement to the historical complex of Bạch Đằng stake yard).
It is situated on the site where Trần Hưng Đạo won the great victory of Bạch Đằng in 1288, the witnesses of which were the wooden stakes submerged in the water.

The temple is built according to the Chinese character "dinh" (J). Its Front Ceremonial Hall has three compartments, and its Back Ceremonies Hall comprises two compartments, and a Back Sanctuary. The remaining artifacts in the temple are a few parallel sentence boards praising the hero, eight finely engraved gongs and four royal decrees from Nguyễn Emperors delivered to the wardens of the temple.

The ritual festivities of Trần Hưng Đạo Temple take place yearly on the eighth day of the third lunar month.

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