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Circuit Cambodge 10 jours
Circuit Cambodge 10 jours pour découvrir les sites incontournables du Cambodge
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Historial Sites

The relic site of Trần Dynasty

Situated in An Sinh commune, Đông Triều district, Quảng Ninh province, the Trần Dynasty’s temple and royal tombs are scattered in a large area with the radius of 20 km. The Site used to worship eight Trần Dynasty Kings is one of the most important memorial constructions in Vietnam history.
These temple and royal tombs were built in the period of Trần Dynasty and restored in the period of the Posterior Lê Dynasty and Nguyễn Dynasty. This complex includes one temple and eight royal ombs.

Throughout long time and historical changes, this area was seriously deteriorated. Nowadays, the area of Sinh temple and these tombs have been upgraded properly in order to deserve their value and importance.

Located in Nghĩa Hưng hamlet, An Sinh temple area is used to dedicate 8 kings of Trần. The tombs of Trần Thái Tông, Trần Thánh Tông and Giản Định Đế and Trần Anh Tông lies on Lốc camp farm, the tomb of Trần Minh Tông is in Khe Gạch, Trần Hiến Tông tomb is in Ao Beo, Trần Dụ Tông tomb is situated in Đống Tròn and the tomb of Trần Nghệ Tông is in Khe Nghê.

In addition to the shrine in each tomb, lots of big temples were built by the Court inside the area of An Sinh temple for respect-paying audience. It was defended carefully by mandarins. This area became solemn holly land through Tran, Le, Nguyen Dynasties.

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