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Historial Sites

Tran Hung Dao Temple

The Trần Hưng Đao Temple lies at a strip of land stretching to the middle of the river in Yên Giang Commune. The temple and Vua Bà Shrine were recognized as historical sites by The Ministry of Information and Culture (No. 100 VH/QĐ dated January 21, 1990) (supplement to the historical complex of Bạch Đằng ...

The relic site of Trần Dynasty

Situated in An Sinh commune, Đông Triều district, Quảng Ninh province, the Trần Dynasty’s temple and royal tombs are scattered in a large area with the radius of 20 km. The Site used to worship eight Trần Dynasty Kings is one of the most important memorial constructions in Vietnam ...

Yen Tu Site

The area of Yen Tu is made up of a system of pagodas, shrines, towers and forests, belonging to the village of Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi Town. It is about 40 km from Ha Long City and 14 km from Uong Bi Town.